Lemon and lime

Lemonade and lime juice tastes amazing. It tastes like a tropical island full of tangy flavor. This cup is full of lemonade and lime cordial you should try it. By Megan XX XX XX XX XX


Slime is a fun and satisfying toy you can make it or you can bye it my slime is green and home made

My hobbies part 1

Hi this is Megan today I am telling you about my hobbies. One of them is hairstyles I love to plat hair or just do ponytails


or ponytails by Megan XX😍😍😍😍


Pic.collage is a fun app you can get for free in the app store or any other place you can get apps. Pic.collage means you can find any pictures of your choice if it’s appropriate and make a collage. You can also use text to give more information.


This is musically. Musically is an app that you can lip sinc to music and watch other people. I personally love it but if you don’t it doesn’t matter. You have to be 13 or over but there are people who are 7 or 8 so it doesn’t matter how old you are!😝😝😝💗💗💗


This is my crazy sister Amelia she is 8 years old and she loves cubs she goes there every Wednesday she is very annoying and crazy

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